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I started Kraut & Krunch in 2014 with the vision of bringing high-quality live ferments to Johannesburg. My family had decided to add ferments to our diet but my son, aged 4 at the time, refused to eat what was available in the health food stores. After a period of experimentation, we were ready to begin producing sauerkraut, kim chi and other combinations of fermented vegetables. More recently, we branched out to include kombucha, kefir, kvass and vinegar. We also love combining fermentation and dehydration, by flavouring salt and crackers with dehydrated fermented vegetables.

From the beginning my son has been involved in every aspect of the business. I deeply value his intuition. Nothing goes into production without passing through his rigorous quality control.

Throughout our journey we have stayed true to our ethos, using high-quality organic ingredients. We hope you’ll agree our ‘no-shortcuts’ approach is well worth the effort.

Nicola Kafula, founder


We believe in having as little impact on our natural environment as possible. Here is an outline of our sustainability practices:

• Supporting organic agriculture, especially small-scale farmers

• Responsible waste disposal: We compost all compostable by-products including vegetable waste, tea leaves and SCOBYs. We’re diligent about reusing and recycling. 

• Non-toxic cleaning: Our aim is to comply with BlueEco standards. This means cleaning naturally, without harming our vulnerable aquatic ecosystems. 

• Fair remuneration: We believe that the quality of living foods is a direct reflection of employee morale. Consequently, we are passionate about taking care of our employees in every respect.


We are committed to educating the community about the benefits of fermented foods. Contact us if you’d like us to do a talk/workshop at your school or community centre.
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Ntombi, Nicola, Sikhangele


"I have been buying Nicola's fermented products since 2014. Nicola's product quality and customer service are second to none. I highly recommend her products, which are peerless in South Africa. Nothing is ever too much trouble- be it a special type of ferment or a last minute large order." 
“Some of my family’s favourite Kraut & Krunch products are the fermented red cabbage, the salsa, kimchi and the mulberry kombucha (which is usually consumed within the first hour after purchase). We love that Nicola always has a delicious new seasonal recipe, she is so passionate and knowledgeable about her craft and it shows in the final product. I also know and trust that only organic or natural ingredients are used in all her recipes.” Ria
“Nicola has an amazing selection of fresh hand-made products. All her products are far superior to others on the market in taste and ingredients. Nicola also offers great service with every order. Simply put, she is the best!” Claire
"Our family have been consistently enjoying, as part of our daily meals, a variety of Kraut & Krunch naturally fermented foods; from a shot of beet kvass to start each day, to different flavours of seasonal sauerkraut (we especially love the kraut with microgreens!) or kimchi. A glass of chilled kombucha with wonderful exciting flavours, is often enjoyed with our meals. We love this way of eating ‘living probiotic food’.
Family health issues, such as ezcema, ulcers and low blood sugar levels were noticeably and steadily improved and maintained since introducing fermented foods into our life. Someone once said “it’s not the food in your life but the life in your food” that matters." 
Joanne and Family
"I have been enjoying the growing range of products from Kraut & Krunch for a few years now. The food and drinks are not only seriously delicious and taste like they are made with love and care but I definitely notice an improvement in my health when I eat them regularly (particularly the sauerkraut) and find I don't suffer from the usual colds and flu that go around in winter. One of my favourite lunchtime snacks is a K&K turmeric cracker topped with avocado and K&K kimchi. I love it so much that I stock up on those products when travelling overseas so I don't miss out."
"I’ve tried so many Krunch & Kraut products and they are all exceptionally tasty and delicious! The kimchi is packed with flavour, the rose geranium kombucha so refreshing and really quenches your thirst, the fermented vegetable salt adds something special to any dish, as for the vibrantly coloured, sublime cherry blossom kombucha lollies..... and they all happen to be extremely healthy too!"
"I have been enjoying Kraut & Krunch products for over a year. The taste is superior, you can literally taste the quality ingredients used. My personal favourite is the kimchi enjoyed with their fermented cracker and avocado."
"I use the kombucha with ginger and turmeric. Amazing! I feel so much better! My 'brain fog' has gone. I feel better in general, particularly with regard to my gut health." 
"Nicola and her passion for health overflows from her heart right into all her products! She has such incredible knowledge and wisdom on the subject that it's hard not to be inspired to change your life for the better. My whole family have been supporting her business and buying her products for years now, and to this day you won't find a better kombucha, a better sauerkraut, a better olive oil, the list goes on. She really has mastered her craft and cares deeply for people and their health. Endless appreciation and gratitude to the woman she is and what she stands for!"

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